Liz Says So; Josie Maran Lip Stain

As many of you know, yesterday I was on the hunt for the perfect lip stain. Thanks to all of your great suggestions, I ended up purchasing Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain. Rather than drone on about it, I prepared a little video review for ya’ll instead. Sorry my head is semi cut-off in some parts. This was my first time editing video in iMovie so cut me some slack!


  • It stays on all day. It withstands the test of lipstick on a drinking glass, eating & my favorite, kissing :)

  • It doesn’t dry out your lips! This is the issue I struggled with using Benefit’s Benetint. My lips currently feel fab.
  • The marker tip makes for ultra-easy application. I love.

  • Cost: $19 USD.

Please note; I goofed up when I assumed Josie Maran was a Victoria Secret model. She was in fact, a Maybelline model for many years. My bad.

gpoww 7.21.10

Over the weekend while visiting a friends’ house, Jenn suggested we give Walter a bath {and a mohawk} in their kitchen sink. It was pretty hilarious. He looks like a drowned rat.

I don’t even think he looks like a dog here. But I still love him ♥

Love Shack: Where the magic happens

I know the title of the post is cheesy but just once, I wanted to feel like I was on the set of MTV’s Cribs & say that. ^_^
Last night we worked really hard on putting away the piles of clothes left over from the move and organizing the bedroom. Here’s a few snapshots of it so far. It’s *almost* complete. I just need to order the drapes for the windows, refinish the brown dresser & find a chic rug to place at the foot of the bed. Without further adieu, here are the visuals. What do you think?

Mister, refusing to get out of the shot. “Just take my pic babe.”

My side of the bed.

I’m in love with how much more closet space we have. I was even nice enough to let mister have a half. You’re welcome.

I realize I have lots of shoes. I swear I wear them all.

My new dress form displaying Orson, my feathered friend.

I’m quite pleased with the end result of our cleaning spree. The twinkle lights on the headboard I think are my favorite part. Next up, spare bedroom|office!

Music Monday: Pursuit of Happiness

Remember when I blogged about Lissie covering Lady Gaga? Well, she’s at it again, this time covering Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. Watch the video below & fall {more} in love with her voice. Also, it’s worth noting how BADASS she is taking a tequila shot right before the song. A girl after my own heart.

Link Bytes 7.16.10


  • Ridiculously obsessed with this Amelie-inspired wedding shoot I discovered. Best of all, Lovespun is local!
  • If you’re feeling a bit down & looking for a little pick-me up, read this. It’s amazing & true.
  • Where We Design is an awe-inspiring collection of workspaces.
  • Oh, I’m in love with these literary fashion tees. Tres cute!
  • Monica instructs us all on how to cold press your coffee. Sounds yummy.

Offline Love; Adding personal touches all over the new house; my apothecary-themed shower curtain; best friend dates; curry + thai food; turtle kisses<3; re-centering myself with yoga; making a budget like a big girl; ditching my car and riding my bike every single day; being able to laugh at myself; movie + wine night; midnight mario kart online racing; power naps; cool showers; & tackling projects one at a time.

What inspired you this week?